Software & Tools

A simple-to-use program for computing power analyses for all common test statistics (and beyond).

multiTree is a java-based computer program for the analysis of multinomial processing tree models. multiTree provides parameter estimation, hypothesis testing, checks for identifiability, bootstrapping, and power analysis.


TreeBUGS is an R package for hierarchical analyses of multinomial processing tree models (MPT models).


RRreg is an R package for univariate and multivariate analyses of randomized response designs.


SEMpower is a computer program to perform power analyses (with particular emphasis on compromise power analyses) for structural equation models.


CAML is an acronym for Consensus Analysis via Maximum Likelihood estimation and describes a set of functions written in R (R Development Core Team, 2008). The software performs consensus analysis (e.g. Romney, Weller, & Batchelder, 1986) using the maximum likelihood method.

A program for maximum likelihood analyses of binomial mixture distributions.