Research Interests

    • Episodic memory
    • Judgment and memory illusions
    • Source memory
    • Explicit vs. implicit processes in memory
    • Cognitive aging
    • Methodological foundations of Experimental Psychology
    • Stochastic modeling of cognitive processes
    • Statistical power analysis

    Current Projects

    • Hierarchical MPT modeling - methodological comparisons and application guidelines (Scientific Network, DFG), since 2017
      Spokespersons: Dr. Julia Groß (Heinrich-Heine-University, Düsseldorf) and Prof. Dr. Beatrice G. Kuhlmann (University of Mannheim)
    • Statistical modeling in psychology (SMiP), Research Training Group GRK 2277 (DFG), since 2017

    Completed Projects

    • Optimization theory of memory-based decisions: Model and evaluation (DFG Research Unit FOR 1410), 2013-2017
    • Fast and easy decision-making: a cost-benefit approach (DFG Research Unit FOR 1410), 2009-2013
    • Cognitive determinants of memory judgments and their influence on decisions (SFB 504, DFG), 2006-2008.
    • Evidence-based stress prevention and health (Forschungsschwerpunkt Baden-Württemberg), 2006-2007.
    • Honest answers to embarassing questions: Experimental surveys using the Randomized Response Technique (DFG), 2006-2007.
    • Investigating adult age differences in recognition memory using an eyewitness memory paradigm (NIA, Washington D.C., USA), 2004-2005.
    • Metacognition: A window to the conscious and unconscious determinants of behavior (Deutsch-Israelische Projektkooperation, BMBF), 2003-2006. Details.
    • Aging, memory, and judgment bias (TransCoop cooperation, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation), 2001-2003.
    • Multinomial models of cognitive illusions (DFG), 1994-2000.
    • Psychophysics of selected perceptual illusions (DFG), 1990-1993.