Research Interests

    • Episodic memory
    • Judgment and memory illusions
    • Source memory
    • Explicit vs. implicit processes in memory
    • Cognitive aging
    • Methodological foundations of Experimental Psychology
    • Stochastic modeling of cognitive processes
    • Statistical power analysis

    Current Funded Projects

    Fast-and-frugal decision making: A cost-benefit approach (DFG), since 2010.

    The project serves several goals that are closely related to the overarching themes of the research unit ‘contextualized decision making’. In particular, we are concerned with underlying processes in simple, non-compensatory judgment mechanisms investigated herein, for example the recognition heuristic, fluency heuristic, take-the-best, and others. For several of these strategies, the processes leading to observed outcomes are not sufficiently understood and thus true use of these heuristics is often methodologically challenging to unravel. We bridge such gaps by means of formal multinomial processing tree models of comparative judgments. Next, in a more substantive vein, we strive to uncover the contextual factors determining the judgment processes, investigated by means of the measurement models developed. This quest for contextual determinants and moderators is guided by (but not bound to) the notion of adaptive decision making, that is, an effort-accuracy trade-off in strategy selection. Finally, we address individual differences in the use of fast-and-frugal judgment heuristics and the cognitive and motivational personality characteristics associated with these differences.

    Completed Funded Projects

    • Cognitive determinants of memory judgments and their influence on decisions (SFB 504, DFG), 2006-2008.
    • Evidence-based stress prevention and health status (Forschungsschwerpunkt Baden-Württemberg), 2006-2007.
    • Honest answers to embarassing questions: Experimental survey studies using the Randomized Response Technique (DFG), 2006-2007.
    • Investigating adult age differences in recognition memory using an eyewitness memory paradigm (National Institutes on Aging, Washington D.C., USA), 2004-2005.
    • Metacognition: A window to the conscious and unconscious determinants of behavior (Deutsch-Israelische Projektkooperation, BMBF), 2003-2006. Details.
    • Aging, memory, and judgment bias (TransCoop cooperations, Alexander von Humboldt-foundation), 2001-2003.
    • Multinomial models of cognitive illusions (DFG), 1994-2000.
    • Psychophysics of selected perceptual illusions (DFG), 1990-1993.