Born 1982 in Weinheim, Germany


  • 2007    Diploma (MA) in Psychology, University of Mannheim
  • 2010    Dr. rer. soc. (Ph.D.), University of Mannheim (advisor: Edgar Erdfelder)


    • 2007 - 2010    Research & teaching assistant, Psychology III, University of Mannheim
    • since 2010     Postdoctoral research & teaching assistant, Psychology III, University of Mannheim

      Awards and Scholarships

      • 2004    Baden-Württemberg Scholarship for an exchange semester at the San Diego State University (USA).
      • 2011    Early Career Best Manuscript Award of the European Journal of Social Psychology for the paper “Cognitive                        Processes in Implicit Attitude Tasks: An Experimental Validation of the Trip Model”.
      • 2012    Postdoctoral Autonomy Grant awarded by the University of Mannheim.
      • 2016    TeaP Selected Poster Award (1. Rank) awarded by the German Society for Psychology (DGPs, Fachgruppe                        Allgemeine Psychologie) for the poster "Unbiased Truth: Symmetrical Interference Effects on Memory for Truth                   and Falsity".

      Research Interests

      • Truth judgments
      • Moral judgments
      • Foreign language effects
      • Source memory
      • Memory for emotional Stimuli

      Ad-hoc Reviews

      • Acta Psychologica
      • Cognition and Emotion
      • Cognitive Science
      • Experimental Psychology
      • Journal of Abnormal Psychology
      • Journal of Cognitive Psychology
      • Journal of Experimental Psychology: General
      • Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition
      • Social Psychology